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 Blazeflicker the She-Wolf

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PostSubject: Blazeflicker the She-Wolf   Blazeflicker the She-Wolf Icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 8:42 pm

Name: Blazeflicker
Gender: Female
Pack: Fire Pack
Rank: Alpha (Sunfire and I both lead it.)
Personality: I am usually quiet, but I can be funny. I am kind and I love to hunt. I am very sassy and I can snap quickly if I get too annoyed. I am a certain type of bi-polar where I can get pretty angry at any point of a discussion. I am not faint at heart and I never, EVER cry or yelp out loud. I am not hindered easily. Evil or Very Mad Angry wolf
Fur: My pelt is a red with yellow accents
Eyes: Somewhat mix of my pelt's colors.

Blazeflicker the She-Wolf Fw10 I love Neo and my old memory is...him when we were younger. I was born in Light Pack and Sunfire is my sister. Luna took away my memory of those times because I will help defeat Dark Pack with Neo who makes Lost Pack grow stronger. Oh, and Sunfire and I were separated when we were little. I was raised for a while in Lost Pack then I lost my memory when a rock fell on my head and I forgot my old memories. I went to Fire Pack one day and I later became an Alpha. I liked Neo a lot when we were in Lost Pack together and after I lost most of my memory, I still slightly remembered him. Later in the forum, I will get my memory back and yada, yada, yada. I already gave you a BUNCH of spoilers, so wait for the rest. If you find this, you are very sneaky and risky Smile

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Roxy (admin)
Roxy (admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Blazeflicker the She-Wolf   Blazeflicker the She-Wolf Icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 11:40 pm

.... two Alphas of firePack, a Pack of mostly brutes, and both leaders are female. hm... Let me think about this before I make decisions. thank you, Blazeflicker
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Blazeflicker the She-Wolf
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