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 Blaqwynter The Bounty

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PostSubject: Blaqwynter The Bounty   Blaqwynter The Bounty Icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2015 9:41 pm

Name: Blaqwynter

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Rank: Bounty Hunter


Onyx in pelt color, bares ice blue eyes, he is massive in size and tends to be a tad bigger than most other wolves. His girth is quit thick as well. He bares a thick pelt, but is covered with scar tissue. His left eye wears a long scar running from eye to chin. He is a rough looking fellow, where most run when they see him.


Cold, cunning, and critical in thinking pattern. Blaqwynter takes life very seriously and takes his job seriously too. He is very intimidating and manipulative, and will use it to his advantage to get answers when on the prowl for an outlaw. He is also a wolf of very few words. Despite his hard attitude, and roughness, he bares genuine kindness, and and has a soft spot; you just got to find it. He tends to be a charmer when it comes to the ladies.


Born to an Alpha pair in a small residing pack in the deep west, he was first born of his litter. Picked to apprentice ''Bountyism'' because of his size, Blaqwynter also was regarded as the most willing to learn the trade. Blaqwynter's father Kole was the most feared and respected bounty hunter in that region. Once Blaqwynter hit 2 years old, he learned everything that he needed to know in order to be successful. However the downfall of the trade was that he had to kill his father in order to be the most respected and feared in the West. He successfully murdered his father, but took his leave from the pack to live a solo life. Blaqwynter wasn't a fan of pack life, but was always willing to be part of any that he had helped. So basically, Blaqwynter became a member to any and all of the packs that he aided, just never thrived within. Blaqwynter also learned new things while being out on his own, by reading other species of animals. Bear would often be on the look out if another wolf had come by before him, and Blaqwynter would often barter food for answers. Cougars weren't so easy to deal with, but Blaqwynter always found a way to gain their trust and answers. Crows often seemed to keep watch over him, as they would stealthily fly together between trees. If Blaqwynter found himself in a muck and outnumbered the crows would call for aid; gaining a swarm within minutes to aid Blaqwynter in battle when needed. A rare sighting, but Blaqwynter seemed to hold an inner demonic power that no one can explain. Although a normal wolf with no obvious powers, the crows just seemed to adopt him as their own. Blaqwynter now wanders the regions always looking for an outlaw, or a lost soul in need of his aid.

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Blaqwynter The Bounty
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