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 Ranks and Summary of FirePack.

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Ranks and Summary of FirePack. Empty
PostSubject: Ranks and Summary of FirePack.   Ranks and Summary of FirePack. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 7:23 pm

So, I decided to Take Blazeflicker's work and add to it... So, here.

Blazeflicker wrote:
Fire Pack was sister pack of Lost Pack and known to argue with Rain Pack. It focuses mainly on heavy attacking, efficiency, survival, spying, and exploring. The pack is mostly made up of brutes. It's a very interesting and lively pack. My co-leader, Sunfire, wishes it to connect with Light Pack. In a way it is.

Ranks and Summary of FirePack. 587762-bigthumbnail Rain Pack and Fire Pack wolves
FirePack was the forth Pack made, the one straight before LostPack, and FirePack was made almost purely to be on the border to protect, and they learned quickly to spy wonderfully. Focusing on Heavy attacks and natural survival, I wished to teach them the ways of healing, So they also know simple herbal techniques, but mainly stuff that would aid them when they spied- They had to learn which herbs would make you less hungry, which things where strong enough to disguise your scent, etc. Blazeflicker taught them how to be fast- To sprint quietly, and make their attacks more timed. Our pack was at first lead by a council- Nobody knew who should be Alpha. Then Okami Ameratsu rose- A descendant of Luna, one of her daughters. She was one of the best leaders- Wait, no, she was THE best Alpha. Taught us most of everything we now know- spying, heavy attacking, efficiency, survival and exploring. Our Pack is mostly of Brutes, and a extremely... what's the right word... Lively pack, though we do resemble fire sometimes. Fierce, unpredictable- And extremely Dangerous. And beware, RainPack, we fight over anything and everything- From tiny things such as what type of small prey is best, or to who deserves most a scrap of meat.
Alpha Female(s): Blazeflicker and Sunfire
Alpha Male:
Beta Female: None
Beta Male: None
Deltas (1/4): Firesong
Gammas: None
Head Of Spies/ Elite Spies: Brenton and Aden
Spies and Border Patrol:
Hunters and Huntresses:
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Ranks and Summary of FirePack. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ranks and Summary of FirePack.   Ranks and Summary of FirePack. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 4:07 pm

Very nice.

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Ranks and Summary of FirePack.
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