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Wolf Packs is a constantly expanding Wolf Website. Also, it is availible to roleplay as a Bear, Eagle, etc.
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 |:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha

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PostSubject: |:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha   |:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha Icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 11:57 pm

I'm Redoing my old one.

Name:: Balto Ulrike Liron Kaleo Adalwulf

Nickname:: Balto

Rank:: Beta

Pack:: SongPack

Gender:: Brute

Mate:: None.
Crush:: Heh heh... heh heh heh... Toen between three girls.... and doesn't know one of them.
Pups:: None.

Age:: Young adult

Personality:: Kind, humorous, noble, brave, smart. Not feisty unless it's to another man that is disgracing his friends or family. Gentleman... Yeah. Compassionate.

History:: Balto was raised a headstrong pup. Taught that giving up was Never, ever, EVER the answer. Brave and always concerned about the ones he loved. But then after that an extremely humorous brute. Raised to be a fighter, though. And he's not afraid to do it. The girl he's looking for.... She san a song when SongPack was reunited. A song with so much power, so much pain, you could almost see into her soul. Will he find her?

Looks:: A grey wolf with amber-gold eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: |:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha   |:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2012 11:39 am

Wait, 3???? I thought just 2....Mox and Rox!!
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|:.:Balto:.:| Brute and Future Alpha
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