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Wolf Packs is a constantly expanding Wolf Website. Also, it is availible to roleplay as a Bear, Eagle, etc.
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 Luna The Great She-Wolf

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Roxy (admin)
Roxy (admin)

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PostSubject: Luna The Great She-Wolf   Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:55 pm

Full Name: Luna Lewana Adalwolfa Chandra Dolphus. Translation: Luna was a moon goddess. Lewana means the shining white one. Adalwolfa Chandra means Noble she wolf of the moon. Dolphus means Noble Wolf.
Pack: Moon Pack, Watcher of the GreatPacks.
Rank: Mother of all wolfs. Alpha Of Alpha's.
Mate: Dolphus The Night.
Pups: Roxy's Grandmother.
Pelt: Whiter Than Snow.
Eyes: Electric Crystal Blue
Age:Old as Time. Everlasting.
Personallity:Kind, Very Wise, Believes in reason over war yet good fighter.
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Luna The Great She-Wolf
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